Air France Pilot Agreement

Today, the Air France-KLM group is taking an important step in its development, with the signing of an amendment to the group`s “Air France-Transavia pilot contract” allowing Transavia France to serve domestic flights within France. Everything may not be smooth for Smith, but after the second pilots` union represented Air France pilots, SPAF, all the smaller ones of the two parties rejected the deal on Tuesday and said they did not feel they would guarantee that the work would not be dissipated from Air France and handed over to partner company KLM. For now, it would seem that Smith is satisfied that the agreement with the two unions is concluded, with his first call to bring Air France and KLM closer together in terms of profitability. After two weeks of conflict, the French pilots` union SNPL stopped the strike at the end of September. But no agreement was reached with Air France-KLM, and another pilots` union, SPAF, said it would continue the stops. Perhaps the airline`s management finally decided that separate pilot crews, under different conditions, could lead to a reduction in costs. Oliver Sleath, an analyst for European airlines at Barclays, proposes that operators aim to undermine the power and influence of unions by creating internal competition: “Lower cost units within an old [airline] can help encourage savings on the main airline. If staff are not willing to adapt, investment and growth opportunities are directed elsewhere. But it`s still a tug-of-war between management and the unions. “I would like to thank the pilots for overwhelmingly approving this agreement.

This agreement forms the basis of a strong culture that recognizes his leadership. After the mandatory Annual Negotiation (NAO) agreements already signed with all our stakeholders, Air France-KLM is now able to start implementing more ambitious plans and regain its European leadership,” said Benjamin Smith. It is already valid since the SNPL represents 75.9% of the voting intentions for the pilot unions. Meanwhile, pilots are seeking revenge through strikes and lawsuits to avoid fragmentation of their workforce and loss of privileges, many of which pre-date the liberalization of state-owned airlines. PARIS (Reuters) – Air France-KLM AIR. PA has reached a preliminary agreement with French pilots to transfer some domestic flights to low-cost subsidiary Transavia as the airline group strengthens restructuring in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, the main pilots` union said. Since last year, many pilots had shown their verbal aversion to the contract offered to them. However, the new agreement signed yesterday means that the problem seems to have been resolved for now.

This new agreement means that pilots will see an average salary increase of 4.3 percent in addition to new and improved flexibility. “The swift approval of this agreement is an important step in the Takeover Strategy of the Air France-KLM Group,” said Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM. “At a time when our sector is going through an unprecedented crisis and entering a phase of profound change, we have taken an essential step towards sustainable improvements in our economic and environmental performance. Transavia is a differentiating capital for the group and today we are starting a new chapter in its development, with all our stakeholders working for the future of Air France. So it seems that Air France`s recent problems seem to be over, but Smith will certainly keep an eye on what spaf decides to solve to solve his problems, what this new deal could mean for the company`s pilots. . . .