Anatomy of an App Launch: Photogram

Today marks Day One in the public life of Photogram, a new photo sharing app from Timelines, Inc., but Photogram’s life began well before launch with months of development and strategic PR planning leading up to a successful launch day.

The #1 reason that Timelines is positioned to succeed with Photogram is because they identified a clear need in the mobile photo app space (the ability to share multiple photos with ease), sought a clear target market (young parents and families with iPhones), and spent the necessary amount of time to refine their product before launch. With a simple and stylish interface, the user experience was tuned to be easy to operate. Adding unique themes to wrap your photos in, from independent artists, allowed Photogram to become something truly special and memorable. Coupling their product execution with PR strategy was the recipe for launch day success.

It started at SXSW 2011 before anyone knew what Photogram was. When Bob Armour and Brian Hand touched down in Austin with an early build in their pockets and an eagerness to get out, show the world, and listen to their feedback, we knew we were dealing with a proactive team of entrepreneurs dedicated to making something useful and valuable for consumers. Their presence allowed us to create organic on the ground opportunities including face to face meetings with Apple, All Things Digital, and Robert Scoble. Each of these advanced meetings provided invaluable product feedback which was incorporated into product revisions.

Working months in advance of launch allowed us as Photogram’s PR partner to line up top tech coverage leading up to launch, including All Things DigitalScobleTechCrunch, and Mashable. These outlets reach an early adopter crowd that is amenable to new technology but the larger challenge looms ahead; turning Photogram into the pre-eminent form of photo memory capture and sharing for families around the world. The postcard is dying, mom and dad have iPhones, and even grandma has an email address. Photogram will keep families in touch by allowing memories to be shared on or off social networks.

This is just the beginning for Photogram. A long summer lies ahead full of family vacations, summer camp, and road trips. As long as we listen to the users, improve the product, and continue to push the word out to reach our target users, the possibilities are limitless.

Photogram is available now, it’s free, and it’s fun. Give it a try!

You can read more about the creation and launch of Photogram on the Photogram blog here.