Call Center Agreement Sample

The average wait time (AWT) is the average wait time for the customer in line before it is answered. This indicator contains only accepted calls. Cases where customers hang up before responding and the time they have waited are not taken into account. Currently, many companies that offer contact centre outsourcing services need new ideas to achieve unique benefits and maximum results in their work. Metrics such as service levels are useful for efficient data memory for other business process analyses that corporate clients will be transferred to outsourcing. This information says a lot about the quality of customer service and helps prepare for the following goals. Average Speed of Answer (ASA) is the method of measuring the average response speed of a call centre specialist. This indicator contains the waiting time of the entire customer in line before responding without the time of the IVR navigation process. Contact centres carefully calculate their productivity rates after each day of work. The final score includes both the total number of calls and calls hung on the line before the answer. Most companies prefer to divide their level of service into three groups: one of the most popular contract seating standards to date is an 80:20 ratio. This means that 80% of the calls received are answered by a specialist within 20 seconds. Although this is not a fundamental principle and the final results depend mainly on the specifics of a particular call and a few other elements.

So the ratio can vary – 90/20, 70/40 or 60/60. Signing ALS is a necessary element in the case of BPO, especially when it comes to companies that provide contact center services – statistics are very important in this area, so ALS call centres are very thoughtful with respect to productivity indices. Executives of these companies are always looking for new tips and tricks for customer service and potential customer communication. They track indicators of customer reactions to different forms of addressing, types of phrases, etc. Statistics are carefully controlled in this industry and are often most taken into account when choosing an outsourcing company. When the CALL centre ALS is adopted, a company approves the after-sales service rules. All employees of the company who interact with customers are required to sign ALS. Whether it`s a contact center specialist, an account manager or a distribution assistant, everyone must recognize the SLA customer service accepted by the company and strictly follow the established rules.

It seems obvious that these rules should be followed by the staff concerned and that they should not even be discussed. Nevertheless, the service level agreement is useful to put these rules even more in stone and ensure the highest possible quality of service. Service level – number of calls accepted / total number of calls – 100 and the result received according to ASA (Average Speed of Answer) or AWT (Average Waiting Time) ratio. There are also other major service level agreement metrics that are used to determine the level of service in call centers. For example, the average time to receive the call is counted from the date a customer logs in with a call center specialist until the operator uploads the data about that customer to the database after the call ends.