Celtics @ Warriors, TriplePoint @ The Suite

D-FensThe TriplePoint team enjoyed a night at the Oracle Arena with some friends and clients, enjoying the action from on high, perched in a lovely suite. From there, we has a great view of a great, closely-fought game, right up until the 4th quarter when the Golden State Warriors decided it would be rude not to let their guests from Boston score over and over again.

A good time was still had by all! Read on for a few photos from the event…

Oracle Crowd

From the view up above, the crowds and the players below were a swarm of cheering, running, unable-to-rebound ants.


Good Eats


Delicious food and drink helped wash away the taste of bitter defeat.

Social Game

Paul and Irina

Quality Beverages

Everybody still seemed to have a good time, clearly repressing their sorrow at the fate of our proud Warriors.


Ah, Erin. Always cooking up her own brand of mischief. I’m sure David feels he has been made into quite the subject of fun.

See you all next time!