Collective Bargaining Agreement Staff Leasing

These notice periods may be varied by individual, standard or global employment contracts in writing. However, they may only be reduced to less than one month by a comprehensive employment contract and only for the first year of service. Most of these laws have appropriate ordinances. The swiss social security and social security laws, as well as the collective agreements in force in various sectors of activity, have a considerable influence on the employment relationship. As a general rule, employers must compensate for overtime with a supplement of at least 25%. By mutual agreement, overtime may be compensated by leave which must be (at least) of the same duration. In addition, there are specific rules on temporary agency work arrangements with regard to staff schemes provided by employment agencies. These agreements are often concluded for a limited period of time and provide for flexible workers (Federal Act on Placement Services and Personnel Transfer Services); SR 823.11). Parties to an employment contract must comply with mandatory legal laws and all applicable collective agreements. If the contracting parties deviate from these provisions, the mandatory conditions are included in the employment contract and the mutually agreed provisions of the contract are annulled. The year 2012 was an important milestone for the temporary agency sector: the collective agreement on the provision of staff, abbreviated KNA for the provision of staff. More than 300,000 people are subject to the KNA`s staff provisions, making it the largest collective agreement in Switzerland. The regulatory framework ensures benefits for all parties involved.

Staff agencies enjoy fair competition. Flexible contracting company. For temporary agency workers in particular, the KNA is an asset, since it provides, among other things, a minimum wage, social security and occupational pension provision. In particular, temporary agency workers who have signed up with the KNA can benefit from subsidised continuing training – temporary training. Visit the website of Swissstaffing, the Swiss Association of Leasing Companies, as well as, which provides detailed information on minimum wages and thresholds, holidays, public holidays and implementation contributions, etc. Yes. Collective agreements have a considerable influence on the employment relationship. Collective agreements do not apply to all sectors of Switzerland.

More than 300,000 people are subject to the KNA`s provisions on the provision of staff, which is the largest collective agreement in Switzerland, and its conclusion in 2012 was a milestone for the temporary agency sector. Scope The KNA for personnel rental now applies to all leasing companies, regardless of their size. The notice periods must be the same for both parties. If an agreement provides for different notice periods, the longer period applies to both parties. . . .