Couples Who Game Together Stay Together

There’s something you’re forgetting… What is it? It’s right there – on the tip of your tongue…are you getting that sinking feeling yet? Yep! It’s Valentine’s Day! We know some of you out there probably waited until the very last second to get your cards and gifts. You might be scrambling around like a crazed lunatic trying to think of the most romantic present possible for your loved ones. Chocolate? Jewelry? Flowers? Dinner at a fancy shmancy restaurant? What about something a bit more original? Perhaps sharing the satisfaction and experience of destroying some zombies or shooting down enemy forces with shotguns and sniper rifles could top the list this year!

We’ve all seen the viral videos of girlfriends taking a hammer to their boyfriends’ beloved PS3s or Xboxes. There’s a stereotype out there that video games are for little kids and people in serious relationships should have outgrown them. While it’s true that a handful of gamers may over-indulge in screen time, it is also true that a healthy and balanced level of gaming between couples can actually strengthen relationships!

In an issue of Women’s Health Magazine, LA-based social psychologist Susan K. Perry, PhD, stated, “Playing video games allows you to bond and learn how to problem-solve as a team.” Whether you’re teaming up against others or battling each other, video games are a great way for couples to spend time together and to develop mutual respect in a new dimension of their relationship.

Plus, it opens up a new world of gift-giving. Maybe your significant other will get really excited about an upcoming RPG, first-person shooter, or social game – all great gift opportunities! So, this Valentine’s Day, why not start a new tradition?

If you need some ideas for starters, here are a few games I’ve enjoyed playing in a team of two. They don’t exactly scream “hard-core gamer” but they are definitely ways to ease a newbie into gaming! Guitar Hero, Lego Star Wars or Harry Potter, Mario Kart, and Little Big Planet.