Cwu Royal Mail National Agreement

Branches and representatives will note that the document is broadly consistent with previous agreements, although some changes have been made this year to address issues such as latent traffic supply agreements and tracking at MPU. The format has also been modified to eliminate some of the implications of previous agreements. In early 2010, the CWU revoked all of its BT employees for strike action in 2010 due to a wage demand. The election result was never announced due to legal challenges, but after extensive negotiations, the EEC reached an agreement on payment with BT. A national vote of members approved the wage agreement by an overwhelming majority. Against plans to trample and eliminate the company, Royal Mail must be required to be nationalised without compensation and placed under workers` control. This must be replaced by respect for differing views and a determination to work together to find mutually beneficial common sense solutions. This agreement lays the foundation for the transformation of our work to ensure a prosperous future for the company, its employees and cooperation between companies and CWUs. The objective of this agreement is to outline our growth strategy, identify the main components of the growth programme and the measures necessary to implement it. At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the union, with a turnout of 63.4%, called for a strike elected by 94.5 per cent of the members.

Without consulting their membership, Ward and Pullinger proposed a gentlemen`s agreement with Royal Mail and Boris Johnson`s Conservative government. In a “proposal to the company, which was based on the priority of the nation`s interests,” the CWU offered Royal Mail employees an “additional emergency service.” The CWU said this would put an end to attacks on jobs and conditions and implement the necessary security measures. Four postal workers have already died from COVID-19, many others are ill at home or in hospital. This agreement presents a decisive step in the relationship between Royal Mail and the CWU. The company faces the need to radically transform every aspect of its business to survive and prosper in a market where our traditional business is overtaken by modern communication methods and where competition, retirement costs and declining volumes are considerable challenges for the company.