Examining Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses

Resident PC gaming guru at Examiner.com, Bryan Edge-Salois took a pair of Gunnar’s digital performance eyewear for a month-long test drive. The gaming glasses marathon began just after Bryan discovered Gunnar Optiks at PAX,  and concluded this weekend with a full product review. The self-proclaimed “glasses snob” was impressed on all accounts – the Gunnars reduced visual strain and improved eye stamina, and have all but replaced Bryan’s normal mlgglassonblackprescription glasses…

“The prescription lenses paired with Gunnars specialized optical design and other features have created an amazing pair of glasses that I scarcely ever want to take off.”

“Gunnars sharpen what you look at, and look sharp, too.”

“Wearing Gunnars is almost like having a ‘shield’ over your eyes… might not make you a ‘better’ gamer, but they can certainly improve long-term ‘eye stamina’ after that 40-man World of Warcraft raid or several hours of Left 4 Dead starts to take its toll.”

“After just a month or more with the Gunnars, I can scarcely imagine wearing anything else – whether I’m at my day job in front of a computer screen, writing this column, or playing the games I love to play.”

“And the Gunnars have been worth every penny.

You can read the full review on Examiner.com.