Firemint’s Real Racing Raises the Bar for iPhone Racing Games

Firemint's Real RacingLast week, Firemint gave media attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco a taste of what’s to come in their upcoming game, Firemint Real Racing.

Here’s what some of those lucky enough to get their hands on the game had to say:

“So far, Firemint’s driver is looking rock solid — the cockpit view is as cool as the other side of the pillow.”
Levi Buchanan, IGN

“Today I got to see an early version of the game, a tilt-to-steer sim-style racing title. Without explanation, I was able to jump in and take a hatchback around one of the first tracks, a city circuit. It was totally natural to get started, and I was immediately able to apply basic racing strategy and get into it. And you know, the steering control was pretty tight. I was impressed. This is fun.”
Dale North, Destructoid

“From what I have played I can’t see how Real Racing won’t get 5 stars. Real Racing is amazing, and I can’t wait for it to come out. In the meantime I’m playing Firemint’s other title Flight Control.”
Ignacio, iPhone Games Network

“Let us say this right off the bat: this superlative racer is going to set some new benchmarks for the genre when it comes out later in April.”
Steve, Slide to Play