Founders Agreement Template Doc

The current legislation. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New York and is interpreted accordingly for contracts signed and executed exclusively within that state. 22. Attornment. The parties are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the City Courts (CITY) with respect to all disputes arising from this agreement or transactions. In the absence of a founder as a partner of the company, the company dissolves and this contract immediately ends with the liquidation of the company and the allocation of its assets and liabilities in accordance with this agreement. After establishing the founding start-up agreement, you don`t need to submit it to your local or state government. It`s important to create the document and keep it with all the other important documents in your business. Use the founder agreement if: 4. Actions needed. As soon as it is established by a simple majority that the Corporation is incorporated and created, each founder of the company grants and enters into force immediately after its creation the fullty of its right, property and interest in the product or service (including all rights, titles and interests of intellectual property, including all rights, titles and interests of intellectual property , including the waiving of all moral rights and the awarding of all patents, industrial designs, trademarks, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, ideas (though trained or uneducated) and work products resulting from a work or work related to the product or service, for the duration of these rights (transmission”). This transfer is made in accordance with a confidentiality agreement and transfer of intellectual property in favour of the company. Any founder will make such a transfer without being entitled to compensation, in any way, at the time of the transfer and at a later date.

Each founder must also perform all acts and perform all documents and instruments that the Corporation requires at its sole discretion in order to perfect the title in the transfer to the product or service and all related intellectual property rights (the “necessary acts”). 32. Const parties. This agreement can be executed in return by the founders and can be executed and delivered by fax or any other electronic means, and all these counterparties and facsimiles together form an agreement. What is a founder`s agreement? A constitution contract is a document involving a company with two or more founders, which indicates the details of the company`s development, such as the share of ownership and the guaranteed obligations of the various founders.