Gesturing Forward with SoftKinetic

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show comes to Las Vegas and shines a spotlight on what we can all expect from new technology and the world’s innovators. For attendees, it’s a great chance to hear valuable insight from industry leaders, and go hands-on with all manner of new gadgetry — or, in the case of our clients at SoftKinetic, hands-off. SoftKinetic was on hand to showcase their latest advances in the growing field of gesture recognition technology — a field we’ve seen grow in gaming, through devices like the Wii, Kinect, and Move. It’s not hard to envision a future, as we continue to migrate from keyboards to touchscreens, where ease of interface continues to rise through smaller cameras and finer tracking software.

Our sister site, Frisky Mongoose, caught up with SoftKinetic for a brief Q&A about the technology that debuted at CES. Follow this link for insight from SoftKinetic’s Virgile Delporte.