Mansfield District Council Tenancy Agreement

All of the above leases operate under UK law and the Council cannot choose to set up an individual tenancy agreement outside of this legislation. All introductory tenants become safe tenants on the first anniversary of the start of their rent. This is only possible if they have completed their lease satisfactorily. Your lease is checked at regular intervals to ensure that you are making your lease satisfactorily. If you violate your lease, we may extend this period by an additional 6 months. The system gives you choice and control of where you live by allowing you to search for and offer board and housing properties in the Ashfield and Mansfield neighbourhoods. If you violate the terms of your rental agreement or allow other members of your household or visitors to violate the terms and conditions, we may take legal action against you. This can be the eviction of your home it is a temporary rent that lasts 12 months. This means that you have fewer rights than a safe tenant. It also means that it is easier for us to dislodge you if we need it. If you are being considered for another Council property, we will inspect your property before another property can be formally proposed to you to ensure that it meets the standard. If you have not been a tenant of the council, you will receive an introductory lease.

If you sign up for a Council property, you agree to comply with the terms of your lease. These conditions reflect legal requirements and locally agreed conditions, which reflect local issues identified in consultation with tenants and other stakeholders. As a landlord, we have certain rights and obligations and as a tenant you also have rights and duties. In your rental agreement, these are set for you. If you become a tenant, you will receive a rental agreement that defines our obligations as a landlord and your obligations as our tenant. You can find all the details of your rental on the tenants` portal. There are 2 types of tenants – your lease will tell you what you are. Once you have left your property, we will inspect them and carry out all necessary repairs to meet the required standards. We charge you for every job we have to do, so it`s in your own interest to make sure you`re doing everything you can to meet the standard.

You must inform us four weeks before you move, so you have time to make sure your property meets the standard. Homefinder is a rental service developed by Ashfield District Council and Mansfield District Council in collaboration with registered local suppliers.