Memorandum Of Agreement Dpwh

This, after DENR 7 Regional Executive Director Paquito D. Melicor, Jr., DPWH 7 Regional Director Edgar B. Tabacon and DSWD 7 Regional Director Rebecca P. Geamala and their respective key agents recently signed an agreement on the joint implementation of the 25 road widening projects implemented by DPWH as part of the Duterte 2018 administration`s construction, construction and construction program. Mayor Rolando P. Garcia and District Engineering OIC Wilfredo G. Aguilar have signed a partnership agreement for the implementation of the multi-purpose buildings, concrete pavers and Barangay Street of the aforementioned municipality. Up and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) are cooperating throughout the university system through a Memorandum of Understanding signed on 6 September for infrastructure development. The agreement includes road improvement at UP Visayas, rehabilitation of the up Cebu Undergraduate Studies Building and renovation up Diliman (UPD) structures such as the main library, university health department, gymnasium and Kamia, Molave and Yakal Residence Halls. The five-year implementation of the project will begin between 2020 and 2025, with a budget of 134 million DPWH, which will include the production of some 586,348 plants, the construction of plantations and maintenance and protection measures to ensure a higher survival rate. These include the 5.3 million projects funded by Congressman Arnulfo Go and 1 million by Senator Jinggoy E. Estrada, who completed the multi-purpose building, Sta. Clara (P1,500,000.00), the completion of the multipurpose building, Dumanga Nuevo (P1,000,000,000), the construction of a multipurpose building – the elderly, Kalamansig (P1,000,000.00), construction of concrete pavers, Datu Ito Andong (P500,000.00), repair and rehabilitation of Barangay Road (channel/drainage) – (P500,000.00), and completion of Multi Purpose Building, Municipal High School, Poblacion, Kalamansig (P1,000,000.00) Also the rehabilitation of the farm at the market, Nalugdas, Sta.

Clara (P7,486.000.00) is one of the projects of the municipal engineering office in partnership with the Mindanao Rural Development Programme (MRDP). Thanks to the management of Mayor Rolando P. Garcia and the help of municipal engineer Edgar P. Baco, Local fund projects generate local funding projects through CY`s 20% development fund 2011 during the first quarter of implementation, including the completion procurement phase of the engineering building (P400,000.00), On process repair/maintenance of the RHU office (P200,000.00) and the completion mak Parkaba, Stayan.