National Construction Agreement Appendix A

National, international and specific addendums developed by SMART/SMWIA. The national construction agreement aims to promote the efficiency of all work; ensure a peaceful resolution of artisanal disputes without strikes or lockouts; and promote the timely and cost-effective completion of the project. The agreement provides for uniform working conditions; A vehicle for maintaining harmonious working relationships through the project; and ensures optimal productivity and eliminates various factors that contribute to construction delays. The method uses the well-structured and effective training programmes of the craftsmen`s union, developed at the national level by training trade union organisations and made available to local training centres for implementation. The NMAP, developed by a tripartite committee made up of representatives of international trade unions, national maintenance operators and procurement representatives, takes into account the knowledge and experience gained through union learning programmes and provides evidence of basic knowledge and skills. Scope: all work done by the employer or its successors or by the allocation in the drilling wave industry, including, but not limited to,: loading and unloading drills, drilling tools, housings and accessories; assembly and dismantling of drills, drilling tools and accessories; Maintenance and repair of drills, drilling tools and accessories; Detection, alignment and installation of drills and drilling tools; The installation and removal of drilling tools and accessories; The hook and check mark of service lines or other lifting devices; handling, installing and disposing of temporary or permanent housings or sheaths, including screwing, welding or cooking operations, installation and maintenance of cutting teeth or cutting edges, cleaning and other preparatory activities; and general cleaning and cleaning of the site, drills, drilling tools and accessories. Validity date: one year after that, the contract remains in full force and takes effect from year to year until the termination of one of the parties with 60 days before the termination. National Construction Agreement (Building Trades) Parties: Related construction companies and individual employers. The aim of this agreement is to promote the efficiency of construction and to enable a peaceful resolution of labour disputes without strike or lockout, thereby promoting the public interest in ensuring the completion of the work in a timely and economic manner. The parties also intend to define standard working conditions for effective monitoring of work, establish and maintain harmonious relationships and ensure optimal productivity. Validity data: project applied by project. National Masonry AgreementParties: Laborers` International Union and the Masonry Contractors Association of America, Inc.Scope: That work that has been historically or traditionally or contractually assigned to members of the Laborers` International Union of North America in the tenden of Masons including deloading, mixing, mixing, handling, and conveying all materials used by any mode or method; unloading, straightening, dismantling, moving and adjusting scaffolding; Start-up, stop, refuel, oil, cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of all blenders, mortar pumps and other devices under the direction of the employer or its representative.

Valid date: three years – after that, the contract remains fully in effect and takes effect from year to year until it is terminated at the choice of one of the parties 60 days before the termination. Environmental Partnering Project Agreement Parties: Laborers` International Union and individual employers. Scope: The parties intend to use the agreement as a stabilization agreement for environmental rehabilitation projects.