Roommate Agreement Iupui

Your contract is a financial and legally binding agreement with the university. You can ask to terminate your contract without paying a fine for the following reasons: Housing and Life Life does not receive notification if a student is not registered. You must continue to register for and complete the “Cancel My Contract” link. A termination fee continues to be due. Under a lease agreement, the outgoing roommate is responsible for maintaining the lease until a replacement or recommended letter is found and possibly after a replacement or sub-letter. The roommates work together at some point to complete the work mentioned above. For the terms and full details of the contract, please consult your housing agreement, which is available after you register at We have signed a rental agreement for (address) on (date). We hope to ensure that the responsibility for the rental will be shared equally by all the roommates.

That is why we are signing this agreement. For the year 2020-21, students are not required to remove their belongings from their rooms during breaks. Students can leave in their rooms all the items they don`t need during the break. Visit for more information on the online learning period. Contract cancellations must be made via the online “Cancel My Contract” online link at Cancellations by phone, email or third parties are not accepted. Depending on the date of your cancellation and your iUPUI registration status, cancellation fees vary between 400 and 60% of your total rent. A full list of cancellation conditions is included in your contract. In recent years, we have taken a deeper look at the behaviours that create an environment conducive to successful roommate experiences. Based on feedback from our own residents, we found that roommates who interact 3 times a week in a targeted manner, recognize themselves every day and make friends outside of roommates, have a much higher satisfaction rating.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life took up this information and developed a program for the first six weeks that, together with the roommates, was able to create a positive basis for the development of these skills. Each of the activities during the first six weeks is structured around one or more of the positive behaviours. It is important not only to participate in these activities, but also to participate with your roommate. Our data show that there are statistically significant differences between residents who participate in the first six weeks than those who have not. As a result of these programs, after the first six weeks, you should be able to have new skills and skills to interact positively with your roommates. All this time and effort has found that you rather have a positive life experience with your roommate when you talk every day, share a meal and hang at least 3 times a week.