Seo Service Agreement

However, if you offer SEO as a service, contracts can be difficult. How can you be concrete with constantly changing expectations or tasks? Here are my 12 things to consider to help you create a solid SEO contract. It`s all business. I just studied SEO for a little while, I`ve been in the business for 20 years. Everything is the same – “I agree to do certain things for you, you agree to pay for these goods and services.” 2. The total tax for seo services is $amount/USD. All fees must be paid in full before the start of the campaign. (< or insert your own payment plan here). 1. The fact that it is an agreement and its purpose, that is, what it is (for example.B.

“The company will provide referencing services to the customer); names – addresses of the parties. To be the address of the seo`d website; the date the contract is concluded and its duration. When setting up the contract, consider how you want to deal with multiple service lines with a customer. If you offer more services than SEO (or if you plan to offer more in the future), you should create a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with the attached task orders/work instructions (SOWs). In this way, a customer can easily add (or terminate) an additional service line without affecting the entire contract. 8. (company name) is not responsible for the acquisition of referencing work by the customer on the customer`s website. (z.B. Customer/webmaster download through work already provided/optimized). A surcharge will be charged to the customer for rebuilding content based on the hourly rate of $XX per hour. Notwithstanding other provisions of this Agreement, the obligation (one of the demons) to provide free seo services is extinguished if the customer`s behaviour exceeds the referencing services provided.

For example, when the customer`s webmaster downloads content without consultation (company name), the requirement (company name) to provide REFERENCE services for free ends. 3. To obtain professional referencing services, the client undertakes to provide: – Due to the competitiveness of certain keywords/phrases, ongoing changes in search engine ranking algorithms and other competitive factors (company name), it does not guarantee #1 positions or positions of the top 10 consistent for a particular keyword, phrase or search term. However, if (company name) does not increase on-site traffic after four weeks of X service, (company name) SEO services will continue at no additional cost to the customer until such a percentage is reached. iii. They fail to make the necessary changes to the website when they are recommended by [your name] to run search engine optimization services. Because they are active in the service sector, agencies must protect their intellectual property and investments in staff. Consider adding a clause to the contract that prevents the client from disfiguring your employees for a period of time (and perhaps also from preventing you from recruiting staff) for a period of time – perhaps for a year.