iPhone Game PR – A Case Study

IGN Real Racing

Australian mobile developer Firemint came to us a few months ago with one goal in mind: to make their new iPhone game stand out among the crowd. Of course, this is no small task given the extraordinary rate of proliferation of iPhone games appearing on the App Store since the beginning of the year. But Firemint had something unique: a car racing simulator called Real Racing that had been in development for more than a year and specifically designed with the unique feature set of the iPhone and iPod touch in mind.

Firemint’s unique challenge was that they had a little over two months to officially announce, promote, and differentiate Real Racing from the competition before it launched. And the main competitor in this instance was EA’s Need for Speed iPhone title, a game launching in the same period that had enjoyed months of marketing and PR support from the industry’s biggest game publisher.

Talk about an underdog situation.

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GPS-based Game Seek ‘n Spell Debuts on the iPhone

Seek 'n Spell LogoThe Retronyms released their new iPhone app Seek ‘n Spell on Earth Day! Seek ‘n Spell transforms iPhone gaming from a solo, sedentary experience to an active and social outdoor contest! Combining real outdoor spaces with virtual letters, Seek ‘n Spell is a word game where you and your friends compete to gather letter tiles and create words to score the most points.

Seek ‘n Spell makes full use of the iPhone’s GPS capabilities, using your actual physical location on Earth to drive the gameplay. Gathering in a park or other large outdoor space, players then race one another around the field to capture up to 10 letter tiles at a time, which they use to create words. Coveted gold tiles will appear randomly on the field, earning players a doubled score when used in words. Points are earned based on the length of the words players spell, and the player with the most points when time runs out wins.

The Seek ‘n Spell is available for download from the iTunes App Store at a retail price of $2.99 by visiting http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=307726640&mt=8

To see Seek ‘n Spell in action, view the live-action trailer here:

The game’s creators host local Seek ‘n Spell competitions in San Francisco and Cleveland. To join in, visit the Meetup.com pages:
San Francisco: http://www.meetup.com/sf-seeknspell/
Cleveland: http://www.meetup.com/cle-seeknspell/