Surviving E3 2012

Whether or not E3 is still the games industry’s foremost gathering, or whether that honor has been usurped by shows like GDC or PAX, one thing about E3 remains true every year: It’s nuts. Whether you’re an exhibitor or a reporter, you can expect to run yourself ragged, staying on your feet for hours on end, scrambling to meet your various appointments while trying to wedge in just one more meeting in between the big presentations. Then, you’ll try to see just how much socializing you can do while trying to finish the rest of your workload that evening — assuming the Wi-Fi works in your hotel room — and convince yourself that 4 hours of sleep will be enough to let you get up and do it all again the next day.

This pattern of self-inflicted abuse is true for most conventions and expos, of course, but the brutal traffic of Los Angeles and the mainstream appeal of the biggest names in gaming makes E3 especially trying for even the most seasoned attendee. Thankfully, your friends at TriplePoint are here with another helpful set of tips and reminders to help ease the pain of next week’s quagmire. Continue reading Surviving E3 2012

E3 Expo Industry Pass Registration Ends May 1st

E3 Expo LogoMembers of the video game industry industry have until May 1st to register for a free Industry Pass to the 2009 E3 Expo. Regular Expo Passes are $400 before May 1st and $500 after May 2nd.  To qualify for an Industry Pass, attendees must register for the conference and submit two forms of Industry ID. For more information, visit

According to press releases, E3 Expo currently has 90 percent of available space sold with over 100 exhibitors and is on-track to meet its attendance expectation of 40,000 qualified individuals. Exhibitors will include Activision Blizzard, Atari, Capcom, Edios, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, THQ and Ubisoft.

The 2009 event will take place in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 2-4.