LEGO Universe CES Crowd Control: Press Reactions

LEGO Universe made its public debut at CES – the Consumer Electronics Show – earlier this month  (January 7-10, 2010). Attendees, including press of course, were able to get their hands on the game for the very first time, and the first game trailer was released in conjunction with the show. Attendees were also the first pioneers able to sign up for the LEGO Universe beta test, slated to begin in the next few months.

LEGO Universe will bring LEGO worlds alive, in the first MMOG – massively multiplayer online game – based on the iconic brick-building play experience. Developed by NetDevil, LEGO Universe will launch for PC in the second half of 2010. So what did CES-attending media think? Here are some reactions to the game demo and trailer: Continue reading LEGO Universe CES Crowd Control: Press Reactions

Defining the Social Media Landscape, Comparatively Speaking


Vivity Scenes allows users to create a 3-D virtual scene “experience” to embed on any blog, brand or site. Vivaty created services for  Facebook and AIM in May 2008.

To sum up in response to my original question – are social networks (SNs) and virtual worlds (VWs) merging into one medium? In my opinion, not only are they converging, rather social networks are, at the core, just more user-friendly versions of virtual worlds.

The only real differences are user interface (UI), visual presentation, text opposed to graphics/pizzazz, and most of all, the idea of escape from- versus extension of- real life. In other words, either it’s an “escape” – as in an MMOG, where players create an avatar and explore a fictional world and/or storyline, or it’s an “extension” of the real world – as in a social network.

The 2008 VW Report shows that adult and teen VW development numbers are on a steady decline, while kids VWs are more rampant than ever. I firmly believe this is because adults today aren’t generally interested in treading the confusing and often complicated waters of a VW user interface. Our lives are increasingly busy as it is, and most adults don’t have time to build and maintain a “second life”, or for that matter even bother trying to figure out the technology. But we sure as hell have time, and eagerly welcome a SN where we can easily keep up with friends, family, professional colleagues and a million and one other things in-between. I think it’s safe to say that an “extension” must be more important than an “escape” to adults and teens in today’s society…

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