LEGO Universe Lands on TODAY Show, Tech-Savvy Parents Take Note

LEGO bricks aren’t just for building. Anyone who has ever clicked together a LEGO model of their own can tell you… the real satisfaction comes from sharing your creations with someone else. LEGO inevitably has the power to inspire everyone around it, to build something – anything they might dream up – and the only limit is having enough LEGO bricks to build it. Usually…

But not in LEGO Universe (a TriplePoint client). Here, you can snag all the virtual building blocks your imagination can handle. That’s if you even decide to build – what with all the new worlds to explore and baddies to beat. That, and quests, missions and  minigames to tackle, challenges to overcome, problems to solve… Did I mention LEGO minifigures to customize!? You get the idea – there are a ton of ways to play, build and connect with other players in the MMOG – all in a vivid online playground that adheres to top-notch LEGO safety standards.

So you can understand, then, why the TODAY Show would list LEGO Universe as one of their top tools for tech-savvy parents to connect with their kids. Yahoo’s web life editor, Heather Cabot showed TODAY’s Natalie Morales what’s what earlier this week – check it!

From “Cyber parenting: Tech-savvy ways to connect with kids” on TODAY, Monday April 4

[LEGO Universe ~2:10 minute mark]

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What They Play Gets Early Look into LEGO Universe


What They Play’s President John Davison got an exclusive first look at LEGO Universe during GDC last week:

“Unlike the ‘building’ found in titles like Lego Star Wars or Lego Batman (where players simply hold down a button to automatically construct predetermined objects) Lego Universe incorporates a full building simulation where players can construct items within the game environment just as they would with real blocks. The team told us that one of the main objectives for Lego Universe has been to work very closely with the community to build the game world, and to enable fans to have a deep impact on it from the beginning.”

Check out what the parents’ guide to video games had to say about the upcoming MMOG from the LEGO Group and developer NetDevil in the full story.