Meet the New TriplePoint Office

Well, it’s finally done. The team at TriplePoint SF needed a change of scenery, and though we knew it would be hard to adjust, we packed up our gear and left our office on 1st Street. All of us knew, of course, that it would be difficult to lose all of our old local favorites… our familiar haunts for lunch, coffee, and so forth. Still, the time had come to look to the future, and embrace the unknown, so we bid farewell to the old office, and made the long trek to our new digs… traveling an unthinkable distance of two city blocks.


Two blocks? Seriously? We don’t have to give up on any of our old favorites, or learn new geography, or even worry about catching different trains? Easiest move ever. I am not exaggerating when I say that, were it not for one particularly tall building outside our windows, we would be able to see our last office from here.

Still, there’s plenty of fun new stuff to experience when moving to a new location. Read on, and see it with us.

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