Template Of Subcontractor Agreement

If the subcontractor must have “general liability insurance”, activate the first control box under “A.) Types of coverage. This requires a report on dollar amounts for the “combined individual limit: bodily injury and property damage”, “civil liability damage”, “aggregate of subscribed products” and “general aggregate” If the subcontractor must maintain “motor vehicle liability insurance”, activate the second check box. This will require the minimum dollar amount required on the insurance policy indicated on the void provided. Check the third box if the subcontractor must have “deductible liability insurance”. If so, note the minimum amount that the subcontractor must have in the policy using the blank line according to the character of the dollar. If an “additional insurance requirement” needs to be met, select the fourth check box. If this statement is marked, make sure that both parties are fully aware of the terms of their content. Give training – A subcontractor is a fully trained professional with the ability to complete the task or work. The company is responsible for ensuring that its employees are trained people, but it should require extremely little instruction for work or contracts sent to a subcontractor. The subcontractor should not request additional training or receive comprehensive training, as its purpose is to provide a number of skills.