The Power Of Prayer In Agreement

Before, I felt nervous and intimidated to pray in a group, and I thought that when someone prayed for something I would think about praying to when my turn came; the thought was “oh great, they took what I wanted to pray, now, on which I pray.” As I matured in prayer, through dunamis` teaching and weekly practice, I learned that; Prayer takes the pressure and focuses on the prior and emphasizes the purpose where the Holy Spirit guides prayer, as Maria Ellen said. Thank you for your teaching! I just want one thing that you send me a prayer partner and we will go through the enemy. The Lord`s strength supports the prayer of concordance. Jesus is the one who told us, “If two of you on earth agree on everything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19 NKJV). Don`t argue with the Bible – page with it! The word of God is true. What`s the key you found praying in agreement? And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive if you have faith.¬†Instead of learning to storm the throne of God with their passion and intensity, they begin to pray and rely on other Christians to pray for them, in the hope that their efforts will lead God to answer their prayer for them, instead of making their own prayer efforts to get God to answer their prayer. I can tell you firsthand that the Lord is very troubled when he sees other Christians trying to harness other Christians from the power of united group prayer. If, as the old covenant says, “a man [could] hunt a thousand,” then “two could strike ten thousand to flee,” then the seizure of power and the result is exponential if they are united in the agreement. (Deuteronomy 32:30) If you agree – mind and mind – your action must be consistent. If finances are what you agreed on, you expect the money to come in. That is part of the agreement.

You can`t agree on something in prayer, then do the opposite and expect it to come. If you do, your actions will eventually take charge of your thinking. 1. As I said above in this article, there will be many times that you will be able to bring down your own miracles from heaven in your personal prayer life with the Lord. 3. Now I`ll leave you a little secret. This little mystery is for all pastors and for all others in the flock who want to learn to become a mighty prayer warrior on their way with the Lord. There are many different ways that God can speak to us in prayer.