Trends with Benefits: A Race Against Time

Hurry through this week’s Trends with Benefits, the weekly brainteaser from your friends at TriplePoint! TWB appears every week in our news round-up, Points of Interest, and offers terrific prizes to readers who can puzzle their way through the challenge du jour. First crack at the prizes go to Points of Interest subscribers when the newsletter goes out on Fridays, but we’ll be sharing each week’s challenge here on our website, as well.

This week’s TWB prize is a free download of Ionocraft Racing for iOS, courtesy of our friends at PAN Vision! That is, if you’re fast enough…

A Race Against Time
History has a way of catching up to us.

TriplePoint clients PAN Vision have taken the App Store by App Storm with Ionocraft Racing, a new breakneck racer that puts players in the seats of customizable steampunk contraptions in a battle against their own top times. Speaking of time, it’s about time somebody put out a racer based in a steampunk setting. All of the other epochs are taken!

The prize this week, a complimentary copy of Ionocraft Racing for iPhone or iPad (winner’s choice!), will go to the experienced racer who can name five other racing titles that have taken them through the ages. The only catch is, each title must be set during a different stage of history! Dig through your libraries, and look for racers that happen in the stone age, or in medieval times — or the distant future. Submit an entry with five titles, all from different eras, and you can earn the missing Steampunk link in your grand chronology of racing!

Email your answers to our Content Manager. Good Luck!