Trends with Benefits: Literary Limbo

See if you can puzzle your way through this week’s Trends with Benefits, the weekly brainteaser from your friends at TriplePoint! TWB appears every week in our news round-up, Points of Interest, and offers terrific prizes to readers who can puzzle their way through the challenge du jour. First crack at the prizes go to Points of Interest subscribers when the newsletter goes out on Fridays, but we’ll be sharing each week’s challenge here on our website, as well.

This week’s TWB prize is a free download of Limbo via PlayStation Network, from our friends at Playdead! Mind your head…

Literary Limbo
How low can your word count go?

Limbo! It’s traditionally known as a place you will be stuck, never to leave. We’re hoping to offer you a chance to get caught up in it yourself, by getting a complimentary copy of Limbo, newly released on the PlayStation Network by TriplePoint client Playdead.

Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck in Limbo ourselves. To solve this week’s Trends with Benefits puzzler, we’ll need your help to fill out this paragraph of praise for the game itself — using missing words that are, themselves, stuck in limbo… that is to say, every missing word can be spelled using the letters from “limbo!” Send in a completed entry, and you’ll be eligible to win your own copy of Limbo on PSN.

“Going together like (fats?) and vinegar, (A game from Playdead?) picked up a huge (swarm of people?) of fans when it was released on XBLA. So while it seems like a simple (high toss?) over the net for the game to succeed on PSN, the rockstars at Playdead took the time to ride their (luxury vehicle?) back to work and make sure it came out right. (A dance underneath a lowered bar?) is still the same deadly and gruesome playground as before, where you’re sure to lose a (appendage?) or two as you go, but it’s not so tough that it makes your blood (percolate?). Here’s hoping somebody awards you a free copy!”

Email your answers to our Content Manager. Good Luck!