TriplePoint @ PAX East

IMG_0712Last week’s 2011 PAX East mayhem may be only a fond memory, but TriplePoint was there, catching up with all of our good friends and reveling in three solid days of gamer culture. Join TriplePoint’s own Sam Dalsimer, Jenzy Wunder and Rich Jones, after the break, for a few photos of the fun.



Redundancy in banners! Welcome to the Penny Arcade Expo Expo Hall.


ASUS displays their latest tech. I believe this is a sixteen-core with a ten meg pipe.


There’s a zombie on the stage. We don’t want zombies on the stage.


Ska Studios’ booth, having fun with The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, a personal favorite at the show, along with Ms. Splosion Man (Twisted Pixel) and Slam Bolt Scrappers (Firehose Games).


Everybody knows you don’t interrupt a banana when he’s texting. Must be peanut butter jelly time.


…yeah, okay. I think we’ve seen everything we need to see here.

Catch up with us at the next show!