This week, Sony announced their plans for a new gaming console, Tencent gained approval to distribute the Nintendo Switch in China, and GameStop unveiled their “Guaranteed to Love It” initiative.

Sony announces plans for new gaming console

Sony has revealed initial details for their next console, speculatively called the PlayStation 5. The console will reportedly support 8K visuals, ray-tracing graphics, 3D audio, built-in SSDs, and backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4. A definitive price has yet to be released, although it is speculated to be greater than $400 USD, which was the cost of the PlayStation 4 upon release in 2013. While there is also no confirmed release date, The Verge speculates a 2020 launch. Mashable was excited about the news, claiming, “…with this reveal, Sony set the bar for the next-gen console race.” Outlets such as WIRED, Polygon, CNN, and more reported the news.

Tencent gains approval to distribute the Nintendo Switch in China

Reuters announced that Tencent has gained official approval from Nintendo to begin distributing the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Nintendo Switch bundle in China. There is currently no official timeframe for when the console will begin to go on sale, but CNBC speculates that it will be a long wait period, as individual games need to be individually submitted to ensure they comply with content regulations before they are approved. Nintendo Life was optimistic about the news, stating, “Investors are also hoping Nintendo can eventually release its smartphone games within this market by getting Tencent to help them develop a mobile strategy.” The news was also reported by The Wall Street Journal, CNN, WIRED, and more.

GameStop unveils “Guaranteed to Love It” initiative

GameStop recently announced their “Guaranteed to Love It” initiative, which enables players to return a game 48 hours after it is released for a full store credit refund. The program is initially limited to one title – the PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone. The initiative will apply for a select few titles, and GameStop has yet to comment on other specific games. There were mixed feelings about the news. Polygon was optimistic, saying, “(The initiative is) a smart and potentially necessary experiment on GameStop’s part.” However, WCCFtech was not convinced, stating, “Perhaps this new return policy will generate some goodwill for the company! Then again, remember when Blockbuster Video decided to stop charging late fees shortly before the company died? Not to be overly pessimistic, but this feels a little bit like that.” Fortune, Tech Times, SlashGear, and more reported the news.