TriplePoints of Interest – Week of July 20

This week, we learned that the eSports world ruled players CAN gain an unfair advantage competing in video games by using drugs prescribed for ADHD. We also learned a new way developers are making their games as an outlet for creativity for their fans. Games can and do make you an artist!

eSports pros draw First Blood for drug tests

Electronic Sports League (ESL), the world’s largest eSports organization, announced they will implement new policies in the wake of an Adderall abuse scandal that broke out at IEM Katowice’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. VICE Motherboard reports that ESL will soon require drug abuse policing, education, and prevention among participants, but will not punish teams who have since been accused of drug use at previous events.

The Art of Video Games…and Gaming

Outpost Games CEO, Sachin Pansuria, told GamesIndustry International that their business model will treat gamers not as consumers, but as performers and creators of content. They seek to create games that play on a gamer’s skill and creativity, making the game a creative outlet, and not just roll out DLC in hopes to keep players interested. Others in the industry share Outpost’s sentiments as they just secured $6.2 million in funding from Benchmark!

Gamescom survival guide!

Heading to Europe’s largest video game show next month? Amsterdam’s tinyBuild Games, veterans of Gamescom, provided a list of tactics on Gamasutra for how to make your booth showing the best yet! Tips include how to structure your booth so it’s welcoming to attendees and how to reward attendees for stopping by!

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