Who was hot at GDC?

Who was hot at GDC?

Paradox Interactive showed multiple titles at this year’s GDC including early looks at Majesty 2, Hearts of Iron 3, Stalin vs. Martians, East India Company, a finished version of Elven Legacy, and a preview of the upcoming expansion for Mount & Blade.

Here’s what a few folks had to say:

“I could not be more excited for Majesty 2 if you paid me to be,” said Akela Talamasca of Big Download.

“It’s already headed towards Game of the Year,…” writes Justin McElroy of Joystiq after checking out Stalin vs. Martians.

Andrew Park of GameSpot was kind enough to discuss five of the titles.

Jason Ocampo of IGN wrote up a preview of the upcoming Mount & Blade expansion while calling the original¬† “a cool blend of action, role-playing, and adventure set in a medieval world inspired by our own. It made for an amazing immersive experience, as well as a wholly original one.”

The remainder of 2009 promises to be a big year for Paradox!