Amure Collective Agreement Mcgill

Note by collective agreement: leave pay is 6% – 10% under Section 22.06, and leave pay is currently 3.6% until the end of the collective agreement. Members of McGill`s Printing Services and Data Centre`s Service Employees` Union (SEU) Local 800 (FTQ) voted in favour of new collective agreements at the general meetings on October 4 and 5, 2016. The unions, which represent about 10 employees, and the university reached interim agreements in May 2016. These new agreements will come into force for 15 years from the time they are signed. Since the ratification of the new collective agreement effective August 1, 2017, the following minimum salaries have been set for postdoctoral fellows (the rates below take into account salary increases): On Monday, June 18, McGill`s scientific staff and scientific staff, represented by the McGill University Researchers Association (AMURE) / Public Alliance of Canada (PSAC), signed a new collective agreement with the university. The negotiating committees of the parties agreed to recommend to their respective constituents the content of this agreement and to keep the details confidential until the Union had the opportunity to share them with its members. The EXECUTIVE of the Union will submit the terms of the proposed collective agreement to ratification of the members in the near future. After ratification, the collective agreement will remain in force until May 30, 2021. Sean Cory, president of AMURE, said the executive and AMURE`s membership was “satisfied with the agreement.” The new collective agreement provides coverage for benefits for many members of the AMURE (Postdocs) rate unit as well as other changes to their pay and working conditions. The full text of the collective agreement is available here. On February 6, representatives of the Union and McGills met in the presence of the adjudicator appointed by the Ministry of Labour to define their positions and discuss the next steps in negotiating a first collective agreement. This meeting took place after McGill`s decision not to approve an agreement that includes both free chamber and board of directors and salaries for the work done.

For all other sponsors, see the Grant Agency`s guides on Following the decision of a government-appointed arbitrator, a three-year collective agreement was concluded between McGill University and AMURE (Postdocs) effective August 1, 2017. This is their first collective agreement. Previously, scientific and scientific staff were part of separate tariff units, both of which expired in April 2016. Since then, they have regrouped and, on 30 May, the members of the new union voted in favour of ratifying the terms of their first collective agreement, which is in effect until 30 May 2021. On April 26, an agreement in principle was reached between the parties on the terms of their collective agreement. Previously, scientific and scientific staff were part of separate tariff units whose collective agreements expired in April 2016. Since then, they have merged into a single bargaining unit. “Researchers and assistants play a crucial role in the university`s research mission and we are pleased to have a very good agreement with them,” said propst Christopher Manfredi immediately after the signing of the agreement. On 30 May, AMURE members voted in favour of ratifying the terms of a new collective agreement.

The McGill government has also approved these conditions and the parties will meet on June 18 to sign the agreement. It will be published on the staff website as soon as it is signed and will remain in effect until May 30, 2021.