A Blog Post About a Blog Post About a Blog Post

Meta enough for you?

Yesterday, AdGrok, a Silicon Valley startup that optimizes search engine advertising, posted a wonderfully crafted (and somewhat incendiary) blog post about the San Francisco bay area vs. New York City tech scenes. Written by founder Antonio Garcia, a former Goldman Sachs number-cruncher who ditched Wall Street to do his own thing, the post blew up:

Scoble Scobleized it. TechMeme posted it. Twitter exploded.

Anyway, why am I posting about it? This is a little window into the future of PR, folks. It’s easier than ever to publish original content, and it’s easier than ever for that content to get around – if it deserves to.

And Garcia knows exactly what he’s doing. In an earlier post about moving to the left coast and starting up a startup, he described what life’s like on the job, compared to his Goldman Sachs past. One of the daily to-dos? “Writing linkbait blog posts to get us free PR (like the one you’re reading now).”

Time will tell whether or not the extra pageviews will translate into success for AdGrok, but it’s a very tangible example of the power of original content. If you’re looking for exposure, say something that’s worth exposing.