A Social Media Makeover for the Beauty Industry


The New York Times ran an article about the rise of “Everywoman” Lauren Luke, a single mom from the UK who has garnered over 50 million views for her YouTube makeup instruction videos, and is now launching her own product line. Beauty execs say that user-created videos are “not a threat,” however, the passion flowing from Luke’s fans who are sick of the “lies” and unattainable standards of beauty show that change is coming whether they like it or not.

Why is this relevant to the TriplePoint blog, you ask? I wanted to share this story because it’s a great example of how social media has upset the balance of power and given consumers control over brands. Honesty and authenticity matter, and as professionals, we need to give consumers tools to communicate about our brands and products. This is no gimmick, but a requirement for success in the changing world of influence. 

Now, what will happen to Lauren Luke? Will she become less relatable now that she has her own product line? Now that she’s not “ordinary” anymore? As it has from day one, the power lies with her fans, so stay tuned… 

Article link: http://tinyurl.com/nsl8xt