How Bloom Energy Bloomed

Have you heard of Bloom Energy lately? Perhaps you’ve just heard of them within the last week or so? For a company that has been around for the better part of a decade, Bloom Energy has gained quite the momentum only recently and in a very short period of time. So what’s all the fuss about? Bloom Energy recently announced to the world that it has created an efficient, clean, and renewable energy source. To be more specific, they have taken fuel cell technology and improved upon it to allow for an energy source that can, eventually, sustain itself while powering houses to buildings to Silicon Valley campuses. And the best part: these Bloom Energy Boxes are portable. Imagine, being able to power remote villages incapable of harnessing traditional means of power with this “magic box” of sorts? With the world focusing on becoming greener, it’s an exciting time to say the least.

With this in mind, why is it that Bloom Energy has fell through the cracks for so long? Unless you’re really into being green, are an industry analyst, or track venture capitalist investments, chances are you may have not been aware of Bloom Energy and its prospect over the last 8 years. Though Bloom Energy has raised over $400 million in VC funds, it had not shown its product once to anyone, which to some VC may be a bit on the unnerving side considering the amount of money being thrown with no return on investment in sight. It wasn’t until a debut on 60 minutes that any secondary means of media attention were gained. A combination of the company’s secrecy plus a well placed exclusive with a mainstream outlet created a flurry of media attention. A press conference was called for the following Wednesday and needless to say, a media circus ensued, allowing the masses of everyday, electric bill paying folks to get a glimpse of what the future of energy production has in store.

So much visibility within a short amount of time can definitely be attributed to a well played PR and marketing strategy. Much like a highly anticipated game coming upon its release date, a few well-placed preview opportunities with notable and reputable outlets will generate a large enough buzz, calling for the rest of the blogosphere to stand up and pay a little more attention. This is the power of good PR, something a firm with great media relations can attain for its clients. Yes, that’s a hint.