PR 101 for iPhone Game Developers

TriplePoint has the unique opportunity to work with some of the best iPhone (and now iPad!) game developers out there. We’ve helped achieve success for a growing list of games – everything from classics like geoDefense and Real Racing to today’s number one paid app in the US App Store, ZombieSmash!

As a result, we receive a steady stream of inquiries from aspiring developers hoping to get our help launching their next great game. The companies coming to us for assistance are in all sorts of different market positions – one-man teams and expansive ones, microscopic budgets and gigantic ones. We’re ecstatic whenever we have the chance to serve a company with a great product and a great vision – but we do everything we can to help direct fledgling companies that may not have the budget to engage with a PR firm.

I gave a talk last week at 360|iDev (a great conference for iPhone app dev community) called “PR 101 for iPhone Game Developers.” I thought it’d be great to give a broad overview of what exactly this “PR” business is all about, and why it’s important to consider your PR approach well in advance of setting your shiny new iPhone game loose in the wild. It addresses a few big questions iPhone devs might have – what’s PR, why should I do it, and how can I do it (and how much does it cost)?

Here’s the deck – it’s a bit lighthearted, but I hope it’s insightful for anyone in this space who’s considering their marketing options: