Social Gold Drives Repeat Purchases of Virtual Goods

Social Gold, the premier virtual economy platform, has recently shared some intriguing facts on users’ spending behavior within social games. Social Gold offers users a seamless in-game payments experience so players can purchase virtual goods without disrupting gameplay. New stats that were recently  posted on Social Gold’s blog show that their virtual economy platform increases conversion and drives repeat purchases.

As players become engaged in online gameplay and are compelled to purchase virtual goods they are often coming back for more. Data now shows that Social Gold’s single click payments experience makes customers more than twice as likely to purchase virtual goods again. Repeat purchases add up so a single user can end up spending a fair amount over time.

While some people still question the value of an intangible, virtual good, it seems that users are compelled to pay for goods that are part of an engaging game or social experience. With 56% of users who make payments on Social Gold making a second purchase and 25% making multiple purchases, it appears that people are finding these goods to be worthwhile. As social games evolve to increase user engagement further in the near future, these numbers could potentially rise even higher.