Trends with Benefits: Veterans of Future Wars

Take a crack at this week’s Trends with Benefits, the weekly brainteaser from your friends at TriplePoint! TWB appears every week in our news round-up, Points of Interest, and offers terrific prizes to readers who can puzzle their way through the challenge du jour. First crack at the prizes go to Points of Interest subscribers when the newsletter goes out on Fridays, but we’ll be sharing each week’s challenge here on our website, as well.

This week’s challenge is for a digital copy of Vanquish on the Xbox 360 for one fictional history buff. Read on and show us what you’ve got!

Veterans of Future Wars
Remember the possible things they might sacrifice, maybe.

TriplePoint client SEGA recently added their futuristic third-person shooter Vanquish to the Xbox Games On Demand platform, and we’ve got a download code with your name on it. This Memorial Day weekend, honor those who have fallen in defense of our nation, by keeping our nation safe in fictional universes, as well.

Vanquish tells the story of Sam Gideon, an American special operative who uses his experimental battlesuit to thwart an attack by Russian forces. Sam is but the latest in a long line of defenders of alternate Americas. Help honor their digital sacrifices by remembering their exploits, and you’ll be in the running to receive a copy of Vanquish for the Xbox 360.

What games chronicled the theoretical heroism of these brave non-souls?

  • Sgt. Nathan Hale; Defended Europe from Chimera Occupation, 1951
  • Sgt. Paul Jackson; USMC Operations in Middle East, 2011
  • Robert Jacobs; Resistance efforts during Korean Occupation, 2027
  • Cpt. “B.J.” Blazkowicz, Office of Secret Actions, Special Operations vs. Axis’ Paranormal Division, 1943
  • Cpt. Logan Keller, Rainbow Team; Anti-Terror Operations, 2010

    Email your answers to our Content Manager. Good Luck!