True Life: Sorority Girls are Gamers Too!

Mainstream Gamers

Gone are the days when gamers consisted only of nerdy guys in their mother’s basements. Social games on Facebook and MySpace have expanded the video games market, and these “social gamers” now consist of women, older people, and people who don’t even identify themselves as traditional gamers. Playdom seems to have tapped into yet another market with their Sorority Life game: sorority girls and their wannabes. Whether you are, or have always wanted to be, in a sorority, Sorority Life lets you live out your dreams via a very stylish avatar. But just how realistic is this game? As a former sorority gal, I’ll take a look at the game’s features and how they translate to real life.

Socialize to Accessorize

Like real sororities, the most important aspect of Sorority Life is socializing. With events such as “Meet Your Sisters” and “Icebreaker Charity”, any sorority girl can socialize to earn influence and money. But what can this money actually buy? Surprisingly, it’s not outrageous monthly dues, but rather clothes and accessories. That is because a sorority girl is rated on her clothes and style in the game (this seems eerily similar to real life). You can also visit the house mom and gain brownie points or send your sisters gifts like a mochachino or a hair crimper. But perhaps my favorite—and I mean favorite—activity on Sorority Life is fighting! In a mortal combat twist, Sorority Life lets you attack your rivals or even put them on the burn list. Touché. Whomever wins inevitably has the most charm and popularity (and boyfriends).

True to Life

The Sorority Life game runs pretty parallel to reality, though I have never attacked a rival in a burn book or given my friend a hair crimper. Regardless, this game is not only entertaining, but extremely engaging. Social games have taken over a niche that was previously unoccupied and have expanded it into a global enterprise. Games like Fashion Wars, Diner Dash, Petville, and Sorority Life allow everyone to be gamer. But the aspect of social gaming means that it is no longer a solitary activity. Playing games with your own friends in real life not only makes the game more believable, but it makes the game more fun.