Hold Me Closer, Tiny Heroes

Run! Run! It’s a new Trends with Benefits, the weekly brainteaser from your friends at TriplePoint! TWB appears every week in our news round-up, Points of Interest, and it offers terrific prizes to readers who can puzzle their way through the challenge du jour. First crack at the prizes go to Points of Interest subscribers when the newsletter goes out on Fridays, but we’ll be sharing each week’s challenge here on our website, as well.

This week’s TWB prize is a copy of Tiny Heroes from the fiendish villains at Simutronics, available now on iOS devices. Dare you steal this free copy from our hoard?

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Heroes
Count the head wounds coming my way

Ah, heroes. No matter how tiny they are, they still keep on keepin’ on, fighting desperately towards their goals, until they are inevitably spiked, sliced, or otherwise disposed of. That appears to be the lesson of Tiny Heroes, the cruel new iOS title from our friends at Simutronics. We’ve got a copy to give away this week, for the real heroes out there — the readers of Points of Interest, and those brave enough to face its weekly challenge, Trends with Benefits.

The heroes of Tiny Heroes may be horribly outmatched by the game’s villain (played by you!), but that doesn’t mean the struggle of every tiny hero is in vain. Heck, Mario is way smaller than Bowser, and the guy seems to be doing just fine for himself. If you can name these other, more successful, yet relatively tiny heroes, based on the massive villains they have faced, you may just earn a free download of Tiny Heroes for yourself! Think you’re up to the task, shorty?

Which tiny heroes faced these large villains?

  • 16 Colossi
  • Perfect Chaos
  • Mother Brain
  • Lavos
  • Hades, God of the Underworld
  • Clockwerk

Email your answers to our Content Manager. Good Luck!