Sonic spin-dashes through Manhattan for the SEGA New York Editor’s Day

This week, TriplePoint teamed up with SEGA for an invite-only showcase of all their exciting new games. Journalists who dropped by the event, in Manhattan’s Shoreham hotel penthouse, got hands-on play time with a wide range of titles before they launch this holiday season and Q1 2011.

Everyone loves Sonic 4!

Digital games:

  • Sonic  the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 – the blue blur is back! This long-awaited 2D follow up is out now for iPhone, and coming to WiiWare, PSN and XBLA next week.
  • Crazy Taxi – time to make some crrrrrrrazy money! The arcade/Dreamcast favorite is bringing wacky driving action to PSN and XBLA this Fall.
  • ChuChu Rocket – ten years after the Dreamcast action puzzler’s debut, the unassuming cats and mice are set to invade the iTunes app store this Fall.
Even Ladies Home Journal hitched a ride with Crazy Taxi.

There were also a slew of new console games on display, including hot new Kinect and Move titles.

  • Sonic Free Riders
  • Virtua Tennis 4
  • Conduit 2
  • Shogun 2
  • Vanquish
  • Sonic Colors
  • Yakuza 4
Kotaku's Stephen Totilo shares the ChuChu love.

With an entire floor of big screen gaming, a retro arcade and snacks aplenty, this showcase let New York journalists get out of the rain and into SEGA’s best new games.  For more SEGA fun, be sure to visit their blog.