Sega Rally Online Arcade Preview

TriplePoint and Sega had a few of our friends from the press over to visit, for a little pizza and a little hands-on time with Sega Rally Online Arcade. Video and impressions, after the break!

“The overall impression I walked away with was that Sega Rally fans won’t be disappointed in this latest iteration in the series. It maintains the look, feel and gameplay of the original series, but adds enough finesse to improve it in all areas but without ruining the core feel of what to many is a winning formula.” — Julian Rignall, GamePro

Sega Rally Online Arcade’s biggest draw is easily the multiplayer. It supports up to six racers online and local split-screen multiplayer and when the consoles were networked at Sega’s event, I began to see real promise.” — David Hinkle, Joystiq

Sega Rally Online Arcade is due to launch as a downloadable title on Xbox 360 and PS3 in Q2 2011!