Stalin vs Martians Trailer Becomes a Web Sensation, Available April 20

The trailer for Stalin vs Martians by Mezmer Games debuted on March 6th debut on Kotaku (“The Only Game With Techno-Dancing Joseph Stalin“) and has become a viral sensation ever since, receiving over 150,000 views on YouTube across the various versions of the video available and a stream of posts on Twitter. The indie title has received coverage across the web, from traditional gaming outlets such as IGN, 1UPDestructoid, Joystiq, The Escapist, Offworld, and Rock Paper Shotgun, to non-gaming outlets such as Boing Boing and even

Explaining the wide appeal of Stalin vs Martians, Mezmer Games executive producer Tom Söderlund puts it best: “One contributing factor to the success could be the high level of historical accuracy, that is completely missing from the game.” 

Stalin vs Martians will be available on April 20th through all major digital games retailers.