Trends with Benefits: What is It Good For?

Time to stand up and fight this week’s Trends with Benefits, the weekly brainteaser from your friends at TriplePoint! TWB appears every week in our news round-up, Points of Interest, and it offers terrific prizes to readers who can puzzle their way through the challenge du jour. First crack at the prizes go to Points of Interest subscribers when the newsletter goes out on Fridays, but we’ll be sharing each week’s challenge here on our website, as well.

This week’s TWB prize is a free download of Supreme Ruler: Cold War via GamersGate, from our friends at Paradox Interactive! Your nation needs you to keep reading beyond the break!

What is it Good For?
Absolutely something.

War. War never changes. Except when it does, which appears to be pretty much all the time. Last time we checked, war came in every shape, size, and style — large and small, hot and cold. We were reminded of this fact with the recent release of Supreme Ruler: Cold War from TriplePoint clients Paradox Interactive, and we’ve got a free copy for you if you can fight your way through this week’s Trends with Benefits puzzler!

To enter yourself for this particular prize, you’ll need to figure out the following game titles. Each of them contains the word “War” somewhere, and each title is described in a technically accurate but entirely misleading way. For example:

  • A game in which the ultimate measuring stick battles against nasopharyngitis germs (Paradox Interactive) – Supreme Ruler: Cold War

Can you decipher the rest?

  • A game where the bad guys from Star Wars fight the rebels using a healthy breakfast cereal (SEGA)
  • A game where an espionage-thriller author fights over how his books should conclude (Ubisoft)
  • A game where you fight to see who can get a portion of his paycheck the earliest (Nintendo)
  • A game where fanboys fight over which chapter of Master Chief’s exploits was the coolest (Microsoft)

Email your answers to our Content Manager. Good Luck!