In this week’s TPoI, YouTube strengthens live streaming policy in efforts to up their whack-a-mole approach to minors and sensitive content, Bungie announces that a new version of Destiny 2 will be available to play on Google Stadia, and Zynga launches a new mobile battle-royale game.

YouTube enacts new streaming policy for minors
YouTube has updated its live stream policy to restrict minors, aged 13 and younger, from streaming on the platform without adult supervision. Under the new policy, an adult must be visibly present throughout the duration of a minor’s live stream video. If an adult is not visibly present, the channel risks being banned. The new policy aims to protect minors from predatory behavior online. Newsweek was mixed about the news, stating, “The streaming ban for unaccompanied minors could have a substantial impact, but will likely be difficult to enforce.” The news was also reported on by CNET, DEADLINE, Game Rant, and more.

Destiny 2 coming to Google Stadia via new cross-save feature
During Stadia Connect and Bungie’s Next Chapter livestream this week, it was announced that a new version of Destiny 2 will be available to play on Google Stadia via a new cross-save feature. Called Destiny 2: The Collection, Stadia Pro subscribers will have full access to the base game and all of its expansions. With the new cross-save feature and Stadia availability, players will be able to take their characters across all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and mobile. The press responded positively to both parts of the news. The Verge stated, “Destiny 2 launching on Google Stadia is also a big boost to Google’s game streaming ambitions, even if you’ll need to buy most of the games.” In a similar vein, Den of Geek said, “If you’ve been longing to jump into Destiny 2, but are too far behind on content and don’t want to spend the money catching up on Year 1, Year 2, and Season Pass content, Stadia may be your best chance at playing the game.” Polygon, BGR, Destructoid, and more also reported on the news.

Zynga launches exclusive battle-royale title for Snap Games
Zynga released Tiny Royale, a multiplayer mobile shooter, for Snap Games this week. The title enables players to customize characters and battle against up to 30 opponents either solo or with a group of three other players. Zynga also indicated that a competitive mode called Tiny Royale Leagues will be released later this summer and will enable players to establish ranks against a global audience and collect virtual rewards. SlashGear was neutral about the news, stating, “So, there you have it: battle royale has come to Snapchat, which is something we never imagined we’d say.” Outlets such as TechCrunch, Engadget, VentureBeat, and more wrote about the news.