Triplepoints of Interest – September 18

In this week’s TPoI, Fortnite accidentally allows cross-platform play for Xbox One and PS4, the Federal Trade Commision clarifies ethical guidelines for influencers, and Steam’s revised review system attracts criticism from developers and gamers alike.

FTC Clarifies Influencer Guidelines

In a live Twitter Q&A held on Wednesday, representatives from the Federal Trade Commission announced that hashtags listing paid sponsorships on social media and video hosting tags are not adequate means for influencers to show that they are being paid for branded content. reports that the FTC plans to hold social media influencers to a higher standard of disclosure than media outlets and will post guidelines on how to ethically disclose promotional content. Engadget featured a tweet from the official FTC Twitter which specifies that the built in tools from sites like Facebook and YouTube are not enough, which were previously implemented after the FTC filed suits against content creators and influencers. Mashable reports that this Q&A session and announcement comes after the FTC announced that they had filed 21 warning letters to Instagram influencers who didn’t properly disclose their promotional content.

Steams Revised Review System Receives Harsh Reviews

After a recent scandal led disgruntled gamers to post negative reviews to the Steam page for Campo Santo’s game Firewatch last week, Valve announced that they have revised their review system with new options. The new options, which Engadget featured screenshots of, allow potential consumers to view reviews based off their upload date as well as charts displaying the amount of positive and negative reviews a game receives over time. This system has received negative feedback from outlets like The Verge, Waypoint, and PC Gamer, which feel that the system doesn’t actually solve the problem and can actually encourage more “review bombing” incidents. Valve has not issued any additional statements on the topic.

Fortnite Briefly Enables Cross-Platform Play for Xbox One and PS4

Gamers playing the PS4 version of Epic Game’s Fortnite last weekend started to notice strange usernames which were impossible to create on a PlayStation system. After researching the players and posting the findings to the game’s sub Reddit, it was discovered that a configuration error enabled gamers playing the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game to enter the same games. Tweaktown reports that Epic Games has fixed the configuration error and that players will now only be able to play with gamers on their respective platforms. The error caused ripples throughout the gaming community with Forbes highlighting a tweet from Xbox Chief Phil Spencer in which he states that he’d be happy if cross-platform play was kept in the game. editor, Robert Workman, wrote that the incident as well as the game’s new Battle Royale mode could draw more players and that neither Microsoft nor Sony have responded negatively to the event.