In this week’s gaming news breakdown, Game Informer lost seven members of its editorial staff, pricing for the upcoming Apple Arcade was uncovered, and Sony continues to rival Microsoft with the acquisition of Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games. 

Game Informer loses editorial staff after GameStop lays off over 100 employees
Late last month, GameStop laid off 50 regional and district managers as part of its GameStop Reboot initiative. This week, the company has restructured even further by letting go of an additional 120 employees across the United States, including seven Game Informer employees. Business Insider explained that the layoffs are the first part of a three-part plan to turn the company around after it experienced half a billion dollars worth of losses in 2018. While GameStop has consolidated the online retail store ThinkGeek into its core retail chain and is planning to pilot a string of new stores that will offer players “unique gaming experiences,” the Reboot initiative has yet to produce any significant successes. Forbes stated the company’s stock price has fallen 74% since January and now sits at just under $4 a share. In a statement to Kotaku, a spokesperson from GameStop said that the layoffs were difficult, but necessary, and the company will be “supporting” those who have been let go. GameSpot had this to say about the Game Informer layoffs: “If you’re looking for talented writers and editors to join your staff, consider reaching out. All seven deserve to continue doing what they did for Game Informer.”

Apple Arcade game subscription service to cost $4.99 a month
Apple Arcade is set to launch this fall, offering users over 100 ad-free games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Additional details about the service have yet to be disclosed from a quiet Apple, who last spoke publicly about the service in March of this year. However, according to 9to5Mac, the monthly subscription fee for Apple Arcade will be $4.99 a month and will include a one-month free trial. 9to5Mac author Guilherme Rambo discovered the price in a promotional message hidden in an App Store API. The Apple Arcade will include new and exclusive titles from studios such as SEGA, LEGO, Konami, and many more. The Verge and Engadget claimed that, if true, Apple Arcade’s $5 price point will be cheaper than its other two subscription services – Apple Music and Apple News Plus – both priced at $10 a month. TechRadar was quick to issue a warning, though, stating: “We still have no official word on release date or pricing, so it’s best not to get too excited in advance.”

Sony to acquire Insomniac Games
After a 20-year relationship, Sony this week announced it would be purchasing game developer Insomniac Games. Insomniac Games is known for its PlayStation-exclusive titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Rachet & Clank, Spyro the Dragon, and more. The deal is important, says CNBC, The Verge, and Polygon, because it is a big step for Sony in keeping up with rival company Microsoft, who is also avidly acquiring development studios for exclusive platform titles. PC Magazine predicted that, after the acquisition, Insomniac Games will begin to focus on producing titles for the PlayStation 5. Insomniac Games is the 14th studio to be acquired by Sony Entertainment.