TriplePoints of Interest – Week of June 20

Tencent is now the proud owner of Clash of Clans thanks to their most recent acquisition. The Chinese publisher continues to establish its dominance in the mobile space. Over in Korean, a female Overwatch pro-player gets accused of cheating because she’s “unbelievably” good. In other news, we’ll be crying over our empty wallets as Valve launches off its annual Steam Summer Sale.

Tencent Acquires Supercell

Tencent and its partners will pay $8.6 billion to SoftBank to acquire a 84.3% stake in Finnish Clash of Clans developer, Supercell. This will be the biggest acquisition to date for Tencent and marks the company’s immense growth in the games industry. According to The Wall Street Journal, Tencent is the world’s biggest video game publisher by revenue, and online games accounted for more than half of its $15 billion in revenue last year. The acquisition is also quite the deal for Tencent as Supercell, which is valued at $10.2 billion. GameSpot reports that the deal is expected to go through in Q3 of 2016.

Female Overwatch Player Accused of Being Too Good

Geguri, A 17-year-old female Korean gamer, was accused of cheating in competitive Overwatch due to her incredible skill in the game. Vox reported that ETLA and Strobe, opposing pro-players from team Dizziness, were convinced she was hacking after her performance at the Nexus Cup, saying they would retire from eSports if she wasn’t. Strobe also allegedly made a death threat at Geguri. After she was officially investigated and cleared by Blizzard, Geguri did an hour-long live broadcast of her playing to prove her skill. ELTA and Strobe have kept to their words and have quit their teams after apologizing, reports PC Gamer.

The Steam Summer Sale Arrives! 

The annual Steam Summer Sale kicked off this morning and will offer thousands of discounts on games until July 4. Ars Technica noted that this year’s sale will be the first to offer VR game discounts for all those players who have blown their budgets on compatible hardware. Some other notable deals this summer include discounts on Rocket League, Stardew Valley and Grand Theft Auto V. The sale also comes with a summer picnic theme, where players can trade and collect a new set of cards to craft the Summer Picnic Sale badge, reports Polygon.