A new feel for gaming with revamped Sony PlayStation controller
Sony unveiled what The Verge calls “the biggest departure for Sony’s controller design in its over 25-year history” with the new DualSense controller for the upcoming PlayStation 5. The key selling point of the new controller is in the name, states GamesRadar+, as the controller is meant to strengthen the player experience by tapping into a player’s sense of touch. Looper claims hardware improvements of the DualSense, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, promise a strong immersive experience that will further bring games to life. Inverse was skeptical of the design, however, noting that the lack of rear paddles – a “widely expected feature” – may indicate Sony is working on a “DualSense Pro” version of the controller, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller series.

IGN to take on the E3 mantle!
A slew of industry events postponed or canceled physical plans due to COVID-19 concerns, leaving publishers and studios to turn to digital platforms to deliver this year’s top gaming news. With individual companies such as Microsoft and Ubisoft announcing their own digital presentations, it was unclear if there would be an all encompassing online presentation. IGN seemingly answered the call this week after announcing it will be hosting an all-digital “Summer of Gaming” event. Game Rant called it a “mini-E3” since the event will offer a “suite of programming” that will bring consumers across the globe the latest gaming and console news, reveals, and impressions, similar to that seen during the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. So far, 2K, Square Enix, SEGA, Bandai Namco, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Devolver Digital, and THQ Nordic have opted in, with more names expected to be released soon, says VentureBeat. The “Summer of Gaming” event is slated for early June 2020.

…but what about E3?
The ESA has been quiet since canceling E3 2020 over COVID-19 concerns back in March, and while IGN notes that the ESA is “considering the possibility of an online event,” no such plans have been announced. Instead, the ESA has broken the silence by announcing official dates for a “reimagined” E3 in 2021, reports GameSpot. Slated to take place June 15-17, 2021, the ESA claims the event is shifting to be more inclusive of influencers and their followers. This raised red flags with Screen Rant, who noted this is still too vague of a description for partners or consumers to buy-in. PC Gamer took it a step further and speculated if digital showcases prove to be successful, there will no longer be a purpose for E3 in the gaming industry.