TriplePoints of Interest – Week of November 7

Image credit: Nintendo.

This week in TriplePoints of Interest the NES Classic sells out immediately, HTC has an add-on that makes the Vive wireless, and Blizzard tests out a new esports ecosystem with the Overwatch League!

Nintendo’s $59.99 NES Classic is in short supply … but you can buy one online for $1,000

CNBC reported that NES Classic launched today — but it sold out in minutes. The NES Classic was sold online and in stores at Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and Amazon. It comes with one controller and 30 pre-installed games, including Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. Due to the short supply and very high demand, the NES Classic is reselling online for as much as $1,000 marking this a 1,567% increase on the original selling price!

HTC’s $220 Vive add-on makes wireless VR a reality

HTC has announced a new attachment that will turn its Vive VR headset into a wireless device. The device, which will remove the need for a wired connection between headsets and their host PCs, is being made by TPCast. Gamasutra also noted that the add-on will be sold with a standard battery pack which will hold enough power for 90 minutes of play. HTC has opened pre-orders for this peripheral on Vive’s Chinese website, priced at $220. Plans to roll out to other territories have yet to be confirmed.

Blizzard’s Overwatch Esports league to emphasise financial stability

During BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that it’s rolling out the Overwatch League, a professional esports league for its competitive shooter. GamesIndustry reported that the new esports league is based on its three main pillars: consistency, stability, and accessibility. One of the key differences between the Overwatch League and other esports organizations in that the league will feature permanent teams instead of a system of promotion and relegation, giving team owners confidence in a brand new game and ecosystem. Inspired by traditional sports, the professional Overwatch teams will be city-based. Lastly, Blizzard wants to implement a guaranteed minimum salary for its professional players in the Overwatch League and require team owners to give full benefits.