TriplePoints of Interest – Week of May 4

Welcome to the first week of May and this week of TriplePoints of Interest. As we get closer to E3, we learn what is coming up for VR and what gamer lingo is being accepted into the English language!

The VRevolution is coming Q1 2016!

Oculus Rift has been given a real release timeframe and distributed images of the final product (no more prototypes). According to Gizmodo, the virtual reality device will ship in Q1 2016. Despite Valve and HTC’s Vive and Sony’s Morpheus making waves at GDC, it appears for now that Oculus Rift will beat the two to store shelves.

So it’s “esports” not “eSports?”

It’s official! A new word has entered “esports.” Written exactly as such, it joins other members of the gamer lexicon, “permadeath” and “completionist,” as “real” words, according to Daily Dot.

Can we drive Mario Karts in real life soon?

Universal Studios and Nintendo are teaming up to bring attractions based on Nintendo properties! Digital Spy reports that no specific games have been named yet, but Paul Tassi of Forbes had some creative ideas to share!

Sound off! What types of Nintendo-themed rides do you want to see at Universal Studios? I vote Skyward Sword-themed bungee jump a la Vegas Stratosphere.